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The release of MR 9.2.6 comes with an added bonus in the form of significant enhancements to the Scheduling Calendar. In versions previous to this release, schedule administrators could only assign work order items to techs or groups and place them on the calendar. This latest release builds upon that core function to allow much greater functionality:

  • Schedule start and stop times for entire work orders
  • Assign an entire work order to a user or group, not just line items
  • View the entire year in the Calendar View
  • View the entire schedule with the new Timeline View
  • Create custom layouts for the Calendar View to include additional details about the scheduled work
  • Export the calendar views to popular formats
  • Synchronize the Calendar with Outlook, or import/export ICS files
  • Easily navigate through months, weeks, or years with enhanced calendar navigators
  • Create color schemes for items shown in the calendar view
  • Add ad-hoc events not related to the Order System
  • Span scheduled events across multiple days complete with drag and drop editing

Do we have your attention now? We thought so. Let’s take a look at most of these mentioned features, then we’ll send you over to to login and download the latest release.

Scheduling Work Orders

Of all the feedback from our customers, the ability to schedule an entire work order to a staff member or group along with start and end dates for the job was among our top requests.

Work Orders and Individual Line Items Shown On Schedule

Both Work Orders and Individual Line Items Can Be Scheduled


Scheduling of a work order is found on the bottom left of the Calendar view right alongside the scheduling of work order line items. Simple select a tech or group from the top right, then drag the order into the calendar view.

View of the Order System showing the scheduling options

Unscheduled Work Now Shows Both Orders and Line Items


You’ll also notice, you can now access and display schedule related information in the Work Order layout screen. You will find the scheduling options in LayoutBuilder for the Work Order layouts.

Order system layout screen showing additional layout information

Information about an Order Schedule now shown in Layouts

Calendar and Timeline Views

Along with the Month, Week, and Day Views in the Calendar, you can also view the entire production year with the timeline view.

View of schedule timelines

The New Schedule Timeline View


Views have also been enhanced with expansion buttons when more events are present than will fit into the view along specific navigation controls related to the selected view. Also, selection of an event will retain that selection as you navigate between views.

Finally you can also span scheduled events across multiple days complete with drag and drop editing. This will likely be used for overall work orders rather than individual line items, but the capability is there if you need it.

View of month calendar showing work crossing days

Scheduled work can now cross multiple sequential days

Custom Layouts for Calendar View

You can now add detailed information to the calendar views, providing a much better overview of the operations using data that is important to your organization.

Scheduled Task Layout Editor

Scheduled Tasks can show detailed information in the title or mouseover hint

Calendar Export/Sync

Tucked away on the far right menu you will find new options to export the calendar views to any one of multiple popular formats along with the capability to synchronize with Outlook or export/import ad-hoc events from .ics files. You can now also add ad-hoc events to the calendar at any time, no work order, asset, or other IndySoft-related data required.

Calendar Export Options

Calendar Export Options

Calendar Sync Options

Calendar Sync Options

Ad-Hoc Calendar Events

Ad-Hoc Calendar Events

Color Schemes

Finally… you now have control over the display color of task status to ensure your view is providing at-a-glance information about your workload.

Task Status Color Editing

Task Status Color Editing

So that’s it! If your company is a current support holder, 9.2.6 is awaiting your download in the latest releases section. Not under contract? Contact IndySoft Sales to re-establish your service. Want to get the most out of your system or just close some knowledge gaps with upgrades? Contact IndySoft Sales to discuss your training options.

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