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With this post we’re announcing a new sidebar product line and service available to users of IndySoft Version 9.2.12 and above called simply enough, extensions. Extensions can be thought of as plug-ins that extend the functionality of IndySoft for very specific tasks. If you have ever worked with our services group you know they have low-level scripting capabilities in the product but what you may not know is that hidden under the hood is also a full-blown GUI development environment based on the same technology. It is through this mechanism that we are adding expansion opportunities to the product line. Our first project now available is the Pipette Data Collection Extension.

The Pipette Extension allows for assets to contain pipette data collection parameters which then feed into your calibration event. Within the calibration event a series of windows become available allowing you to connect to common RS-232 scales and perform pipette data collection per common industry accepted procedures all the while automatically performing the calculations and generating your final results. The following is an overview of the initial release of the extension.

Asset Setup

Initial setup for assets is broken down into configuration of the attributes, test points, and design of the certificate.


You can add a link to the Pipette Setup dialog within the equipment view for simple configuration.


Example Pipette Setup Link in Equipment View

After launching you are presented with a set of default setup options.


Asset/Default Pipette Method Setup Screen

Testing Criteria

When you commit the values they are then stored with the asset record as a Pipette extended attribute.


Setup Method as Stored with the Asset or Template

Test Points

Test points are setup almost the same as any other asset in IndySoft however we utilize the following fields for additional data storage related to the Pipette findings


Example Test Point Setup (Asset Level View)


Accuracy (Extra Num 1) should be the desired percent accuracy (between 0 and 100%)

Precision (Extra Num 2) should be the desired percent precision (between 0 and 100%)


Example Test Point Setup (Results Level View)

As Found Accuracy is stored in Custom 1.

As Left Accuracy is stored in Custom 2.

As Found Precision is stored in Custom 3.

As Left Precision is stored in Custom 4.

Actual findings and pass/fail status are handled by the outcome of the pipette procedure and calculation of final results.

Certificate Design

The extended data associated with the data collection is stored in the IndySoft database but is not shown by default on the certificates. If you wish to show the extended data modification or creation of a new certificate can be accomplished to expose those additional fields.

Calibration Process

Once an asset has been configured the technician simply launches into the calibration event configured for pipette data collection. Once in the pipette calibration, the user is asked to confirm the environmental variables.


Environmental Prompt with RS232 Setup and Data Collection Triggers

They are then given the option to configure the scale.

Scale Setup

The scale setup contains all of the standard elements of any RS-232 based scale in terms of communication settings. Simply set the options to match the device settings then commit the changes and proceed to the data collection screen via the as found or as left buttons.


RS232 Communication Setup Screen

Data Collection

The data collection screen will load setup relative to the information previously defined at the asset-level.


Pipette Data Collection Screen with Example Results

Final Certificate

After the event is complete, the data will feed into the test point grid like any other calibration.


Final Results Pumped into the Calibration Event

resulting in a completed certificate to be distributed to the end customer.


Rudimentary Extract from Cert Showing Results and Collected Data

IndySoft Sales is currently accepting feedback from the user community on ideas for additional data collection extensions. If you would like to purchase the existing system, or talk about extensions that would help your business, please feel free to contact the IndySoft US Sales office.

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